Bass Fantasy SJB Standings

RNK ENTRY,1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TOTAL PCT
1 Almadenbassmaster, 1216 1175 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2391 89.3
2 CABassBuster21, 1257 992 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2249 61.1
3 Raggamuffin Rippin 1148 1026 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2174 45.2
come on dude thats a real tight race
for sure we are a close race, but all us as a team can do better. Next one we got another chance :)
agreed ;(
Hey guys...don't forget to make your picks tonight. Deadline is March 26, 9:00am ET. Made mine but not sure of the picks, want to pick about 10 Elite guys! $1.1 left in my salary for this week. Any serious tips that might help? Our team needs to be strong this week as a whole! Good luck...
Dont pick Steve Daniels i heard he opted out due to economy ;| ;|

I have 07cents left
Kevin VanDam
Michael Iaconelli
Mike McClelland
Greg Hackney
Pete Ponds
Mike Iaconelli
Greg Hackney
Scott Rook
Boyd Duckett
Kevin Short
$1.1 left over.
I really want to use Mike McClelland But not sure who to trade out and still be in the alotted amount. If i trade for duckett i go over by $0.2 Would have to trade out with Mike Iaconalli.
I would stay right where you are , I would not give up any of them Ike is in the zone,
I like Ike,Mike Mcclenned as well met them at a bass seminar in san jose a couple years back good people, scott rook is a decent stick, vandam what can you say the best stick
i just placed Ponds in tonight from your post i had 1.1 left as well i had some heronn guy just a pick nothing more you just never know ,good luck
Cool Thanks worrying about my picks and McClelland is one I really like for this, but If you think I did good so far I will stay right as I am...Was thinking bout droppong Hackney for Hill but then who do I drop to use McClalland? lol Gues you are right to just stay as I am. Thanks again... (8-|
Almost went with Fralic he's been hot and in 10th. Low cost...might look at him too.
Who ever had Herren should have kept him. that guy is considered a rookie but use to fish with the big dogs a few years back. He is in 4th place after today for this tourney.
My Current Line Up is
Skeet Reese 9th today
Fred Rumbanis 5th
Edwin Evers 63rd
Todd Faircloth 19th
Jami Fralick 21st

It never fails some guy blows it for me. Hopefully he gets back on pace tomorrow need to make the top 50. 9-6 is the cut right now, Evers has 7-0, he can make it up. Not a lot of limits caught today. Most of my guys got limits excpet Evers, hopefully this holds up. I hope you guys can have a better day tomorrow. Ike is 81st, Hackney 57, Rook 83, Duckett 33, Short 49, Van Dam 11th thats a good start, McClelland 56th, Ponds 22nd, this guy is a strong stick, he can be a slepper at times.
Nice picks so far, decent, better than mine. Thanks for the update and good luck with your picks! I was going with the favorites and locals this time, my bad!
frickin took matt herren off my list yesterday for pete ponds
now Matt herren is in 4th place and ponds 22nd,,,,,,,,yep should have let my guys alone

remeber raggmuffin go with your gut and stay
Yeah I know what you mean I took out Alton Jones for Hackney, Thinking of roubanis for almost 3 weeks and put in Rook, and had Fralic and traded for short. Ike was my momentum pick all along, almost switched last night for Vandam...I feel like an idiot now, but may still get lucky. It was the first day on the water...better sacks tomorrow! Hope we all get higher in the standings on the second day to have some qualifiers for final.
Faircloth already let me down tosay was 3rd to weigh in and only had four fish. Some nice bags coming in today. Every one is still in it.
Well Kevin Short is my best finisher after day 2...24th. Closest pick to him is Boyd Ducket in 38th. Hackney bombed in 49th, with Rook 66th, and the surprize stink Iaconelli 96th. Wow! ;( At least I got my new Bassmasters in the mail today...some thing to read this weekend. :) ... mentId=893
What a change today. Weather helped a lot of guys get the fish. I had one guy miss the top 50 with Evers finishing in 51st, that hurts. But two of my guys went south also. Faircloth 44th and Fralick 31st. I still have Skeet at 11th and Roumbanis at 6th so if Frailick and Faircloth can but up decent days and the other two stay strong then I'll be okay going into day 4.

Almaden had a good day today with all bhut ike making the top 50. Although Ponds is right at 50 taking out Evers from me. And he has Hckney at 49 also taking spots away from me. lol But with Van Dam in 3rd that is strong and McClelland at 36 he can fish his way up still.

Good luck this weekend, i'll find out Monday Morning how I did.