Bass Fishing from Shore?

Cool site.. I found the link you left while browsing westernbass..

I'm looking for some places where I can catch bass from shore.. I've only been able to catch one at Stevens Creek Res. before..

Would I have any luck at Calero, Coyote, Lexington, etc?

Thanks for any tips you can give!!
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You can ABSOLUTELY catch fish from the Shore at Calero and Coyote. I personally have fished from the shore on both lakes probably over 20 times in my entire life and I've been quite successful at both lakes.

Right now - on the south side of Calero the flats (around 2 - 5 feet deep) the water is about 62 degrees (3 -4 degrees higher than the main lake). When the fish enter this area they start feeding like crazy. Our friend missed a couple of biggies on that side.

You can always walk the north side of the lake as well. Go past the 1st dam and fish all of those transition changes all the way up to the second dam. It's a long walk but it's definitely packed with fish and the scenery isn't all that bad.

I've been very successful with using jigs and my brother hooked up a couple using a brush hog. My dad, who rarely uses plastic baits, caught one on a jig and a few on nightcrawlers.

Coyote is the same - just fish the points and you should hook into something.

Keep those lines tight!
Wow, thanks for the great info :-)

I'll definitely check it out soon when I get a chance!

It should hold me over till I decide to get a boat, lol..

hope you catch that trophy bass soon!
Last thursday I actually fished calero in the morning before going to Anderson and I was able to catch a handful. My buddy lost one at the boat that was well over 5lbrs I think about 7 or 8 maybe larger. If you want to have a lot of fun hit up the Anderson the bite is crazy, Calero is getting there and Calero has a better chance of picking up the 10lbr+ but Anderson has its share of monsters as well.
I gotta say Marce, this local website is very cool! I will be a frequent visitor/contributor here. Although I haven't gotten out much lately, I will submit reports via the forums when I do.

Thanks for setting this up for us "South Bay" fisherman!

I gotta say Marce, this local website is very cool! Â I will be a frequent visitor/contributor here. Â Although I haven't gotten out much lately, I will submit reports via the forums when I do.

Thanks for setting this up for us "South Bay" fisherman!


Thanks Vince! I'm looking forward to seeing you add to the site. Good luck out there....
Great site! Thanks for looking out for us here in SJ.

I am planning on taking my two boys shore fishing at Calero, sounds like night crawlers might work for them. My question is, do pencil poppers work on this lake for the bass? I used to use them in the San Luis reservoir with alot of success, any help would be appreciated,thanks.

PS: First thing my boys learned about fishing...catch and release!
Hey Pac,
When I was younger I use to slay the bass at this lake inflating crawlers on a carolina rig. Just cast out and slooooowly drag it along the bottom...guarantee to catch some bass. A good to place to start is on the first dam and work right. Also wacky rigged senkos have been producing well for us out their recently, I've had better luck working the bait on fast side almost fishing like a jerk bait. As far as the top water bite I don’t thinking its crackin just yet maybe when the water warms up some more.
this crappie was caught from shore using a jumbo minnow (although i was fishing for bass) scale said it went 1lb 15 oz.
I guess we now know what BALCO nutritional supplements will do to Crappie. ;)
wow, what a cool site!! Hey dude, I've been fishing calero from the shore since I moved here 14 yrs ago and I think I catch more fish than the boaters. Calero has great shore access, you can catch fish from virtually anywhere (can't reveal my secret spots), but try the rocky points between the dams. Also when shore fishing nothing works better than a plastic worm and a single split shot fished x-tra slow any time of year. Another great hidden secret are the perc ponds off coleman. there are some big bass in those little ponds.
Nice post leolover, thanks for the props on the website. Welcome to the forums my friend!


"Writing to you guys from lake Tulloch. Wish me luck. ;)"