Bass fishing question - hooks?

Around San Jose/Santa Clara county, do hooks need to be barb-less? just a concern I have because I try to avoid hefty fines from Ol' DF&W.
I believe around SJ, the only places you need to use barbless hooks would be in the creeks when you are allowed to fish there, there is closure until April/May I believe. Not sure which creeks are affected exactly so you might want to check the regs.

If you fish Almaden Lake, I believe starting from under the bridge is considered the creek so you might not want to fish that area until the creek is open to fishing. I remember someone posted here last year that they were warned for fishing under the bridge area during the closure.
Yea, I asked the guys at Mel Cotton, they mentions barb-less really only applied to Sturgeon, and I think they said salmon and trout.. But I wasn't listening once they said "No" to large mouth.
I think there's a sign that says barbless hooks only starting from the old Parkway Lakes all the way down Coyote Creek to the Morgan Hill percs, someone correct me if I'm wrong.