¿¿¿¿¿¿¿Bass Pro when ??????

So when the hell are they suppose to build/open Bass Pro shops in San Jose ?
2015 is all they said, no specific month as far as I've been able to find.
I live right down the street from the new location and they're still doing all the underground piping, so I'm guessing we still got awhile
BPS contacted me to see if I had any real old "gear" that I would be interested
in putting in the new store (couldn't find myself parting ways with my first baitcaster).
They told me spring of 2015 , kinda doubt they will make that deadline .
All the underground piping is now done , some of the slabs are being put in for other stores .
I would guess summertime .
@1 Old Man... They actually asked you for gear? How did they think to do that?
I filled out a survey form that let them know I had old gear purchased from BPS
all the way back to the mid seventies (original catalogs were like 50 pages).
I have received a BPS catalog every year since 1975.
They had interest in my first two baitcaster set up's .
One was a Garcia 5000D , (or I liked to refer to it as a "knuckle buster " , the reel handle would spin backwards really fast when letting out drag , ) paired
with a pistol grip fiberglass Lew's #6 speedstick , the other was a Diawa HT1000 paired with a #4 speedstick . Top of the line in 76' and 78' when I bought them .
In the end , I could not see myself giving them up for just a few bucks .
They wanted to display old school gear in the new store .
Tight lines ,