BASS Tour supposedly released Weigh in Fish to the birds

Was at Clear Lake this weekend, talking with some locals about the BASS Tour comming in the future. Got coments about them following the "Live Tank Barge" out to see where they release the weigh in fish, after the four day tourney. The sad reports were, the lethargic bass are dumped into the lake like a trout plant and they were floating on their sides...All those big females and other keeper bass, caught last time on Clear Lake, with Paul Elias breaking the old four day sack weight, fell prey to the birds pecking out their eyes for food and when they would thrash and roll over the birds were eating the other side eyes out, causing teminal harm and mass destruction of spawning Females and large males. The thought of that made me sick, knowing each female is worth around my guess, 100 fry each, fell prey to the birds. What can and should be done to avoid this from happening next year, when they come west. Need to spread awareness! >:-( ;( (8-| [0-] Locals have mixed feelings of BASS comming back to the lake.
Thats one reason to go with FLW , I was a member of BASS but have been a member of FLW for 2 years,,,,,BASS does not even respect the west coast fans let alone our Fish,,,they can go to you know where that is BS ,