Bassmaster Elite series pros

I got this from Western Bass. The pros are in town fishing a tournament on the Delta, some nice looking rigs!!! ... =56682&f=2
He guys new to the site.

I was at Bass Pro shops on Sat. and was able to meet Skeet (Capt. Awesome!) . He was talking to a full house. I wasnt able to stay and watch the whole event but picked up some great pointers on deep water swimbait tech. He had his F650 out in front, what a ride!!!
What were the inspections for?? Not quaggle for the Delta since it is brackish..?
Set'em Good wrote:
What were the inspections for?? Not quaggle for the Delta since it is brackish..?

All or most of the boats have been exposed to mussell infested waters. ... nspections
Sweet info, I was told that the mussels can not live in brackish waters. That is why there is no current inspections on the Delta..? I mean it is great to check but SoCal fisherman fish the Delta all the time with no inspection. So why are they checking the pro's, more money and control? There are too many missing factors, as it has been from the start of this epidemic... I am trying to figure it out but it is not clicking yet..

Set'Em Good
Yeah, I hear ya and I don't know the specific reason either. Maybe DFG is requiring a fee of some kind (extorting more money from the pros) (8-| . Like the other guys on westernbass were saying, they better be inspecting everything else that goes on in the Delta that involves an event.
Nice photos bro, its always fun seeing those guys hanging out displaying their awesome tow rigs and boats, its definitely a sight to see. If all goes well ill be heading out to Stockton to watch the elite pros launch. Its not everyday the bass master elite series host events close to the bay area.

Most likely DFG is out there inspecting boats just to collect some extra revenue. they are aware of how much money the tournament will bring in, so they are going to do what they can to collect some extra funds.
They would have to justify it somehow.....
I'm going to go check them out on Friday and pitch a jig by mike ike... 8-)
Hey Kev, Make sure you scream real loud and bust a move on the bow of your boat too..
A little "Flare" breakdance action...