Been doing pretty good this year

Hey all, don't post much, but thought I'd share some pics from this year. Went floatin out at quarry today and got 3 smallies. Caught crankin and spinnerbaitin. Water was really clear as always, windy and overcast. great day on the water. First 3 smallmouth of the year, brings my total of bass for the year at 10 [green] .

Good fishin'!

- Jeff
nice smallies....was planning on hitting up quarry after work one of these days, didn't know there were smallmouth in there.
Quarry huh? I went there once, nice lake.BUT GREAT job on the fish!!!!
YOu fish horseshoe or rainbow. The water level must be really high now. I used to catch lot of small mouth from Horseshoe and more largie on Rainbow. Good Job man
thanks for the kind words guys. yup, the water is really high, lotta trees under water holding fish. those came out of horseshoe, rainbow holds more largemouth just as you said. fished both lakes today, lost a small largie in rb and had a couple sluggish follows, 5 mins in hs and i got that big girl just at 3lbs. patience and persistance pays off :)
Well you did better than me out there that day... Good job man!
Too bad you couldnt convince that dude to release that fish out there at shinn today.
good meetin ya out there rick, yeah pretty crappy feeling even though it was a 1 lber doesnt make it any easier since it was on a nest. good thing that about 90% of the beds are hidden from the naked eye but with the water that clear some are gonna get picked off it happens
Nice to see some action out there at the quarrys. Thanks for the posting!
Also looks like Rick has come out of hybernation...=). What! did you loose my #? Bahaha. Hit me up Rick, the the summer house is calling to me from up north...
Ya Ragga, its been a while. Been running the Daddy day care. I was actually out walking around the ponds with the fam. Just happen to be wearing my SJB shirt and Jeff says, Nice shirt!!! ha. Got to talkin , come to find out we were both out at quarry fishing from our floats on the same day. This site helps with the sharing of info. I know its helped me out...Jeff, hope to catch up with you soon and next time we can just do some free Willy crap and save some fish.

Now Marce.... I could use a new shirt. Got any? Mines looking kinda Raggamuffin...haha
RICK wrote:
Now Marce.... I could use a new shirt. Got any? Mines looking kinda Raggamuffin...haha

Nice one Rick! (8-| lol
Marce, I really should get a shirt from you too. lg/xl ? One size down from Jim Jr. bahaha...Take a stab at Jr now! [green]
[red] lol
for sure rick, it was funny you happened to be wearin the shirt [green] hopefully i see ya out at the ponds sometime, been nailing um there on a variety of baits...but like i said i dont really post much just kind of keep to myself because i dont like to brag lol...just fish for the personal satisfaction yaknw 8-)
Maybe the three of us need to go fishing here on the same day. I might be able to borrow my brother tube and gear. I never have float tubed before. Guess cause I hate being wet. lol. I need to get my yearly pass still too.
However I forgot to add, I love the site and it's great how there is tons of info being shared. That'd be cool since you've never floated annual pass might be a good idea because these day trips add up quick!
To save on your can park at the creek trail for free and walk in the back gate. There is a self pay for fishing pass there. Tube will have to be inspected I thing at the main gate first, then pull out and drive down the street and park for free.
here's a couple from the ponds i got in the last month. all fish were caught on plastics, some beds and some cruisers.

PS - the last one is my new PB lol
right on ragga, thats what i do, just a lil bit of a walk with my tube and gear but its all good. went out today but had one of those "what did i get myself into" days out there...wind was nuts. lost a small one on a blade. almost felt like i was in the ocean or something for a min out there LOL
Nice catches!!
It looks like you are in the same pond as I fished.
Hopefully will see you there. lol
hoping mostly everyone who fishes here or reads this will catch and release..sad to see a small body of water like this get fish taken out of..if you see me on the water come say hi and introduce yourself.

good fishin'

- Jeff
Sure, I will. C&R for better fishery.
I haven't been there for several weeks but surely will do next week.