Benefit Tournament

I am sure most of you have heard about Cooch's boat being stolen and stripped. If not, here is the story... ... 008038.php

BnT is thinking of doing a benefit tourney at Beacon Harbor in early December to help Cooch with his boat troubles. Float tubes kickboats (toons) and kayaks are all welcome

Details of what we are thinking of so far are posted here. More will come as we iron things out. ... full&page=

If any one is interested in participating please let us know.

Cooch has been a long time BnT sponsor and a big supporter of tubing and kickboat bass fishing in general. This would be a great way to help him out and get in a little friendly competition too!

Wow that really sucks! Cooch is a stand up guy, got to meet and talk with him a few years ago at a FPT event. Boat was totally destroyed from the pics on Western bass.
He should donate the hull to the local PD and disguise at a "bait boat" to catch the scum bags!
Stories like this make me really angry...piece of shoot low lifes! With all the terrible stuff going on in the world they have to stir up more problems for people, and have no respect for others! I am not a baddy man but I would like these theives to get caught and /or torchered in some major personal way...they really tore up Cooch's boat not rebuildable, it looks completely trashed and 20 yrs older. Let us americans bare arms and lets go on a baddy peep hunt! Hide at night and pick em off the boats like rats on the docks! Bang...splash!
totally agree . Cooch is a good guy. Would love to see people like this get caught . I would love it even more if we as a society would start demanding real "consequences" to a-holes like this . Our politicians , judges , lawyers would rather let them go free so they can demand more money in the form of taxes sothey can spend more of our money chasing them down so they can re-peat the entire process again. WTF???
About 10 or 11 years ago in China , the Goverment caught seven "drug dealers" ,after a quick legal process , they took all seven to a major city square and executed all of them !! Not many drug dealers in China !! Point of the story , don't need as many police , judges , lawyers, prisons, etc...
Less of the "peoples" tax money needed , Probably a bit excessive , but very effective.
Here in Cali , if somebody murders people , we give em every possible legal access , numerous appeals , food , shelter , medical , dental etc... $20M to $30M total cost to taxpayers in America vs . $1.00 for a bullet to the brain in China??
Now I can see why we are $16Tillion in national Debt and the Chinese Goverment is buying American property at alarming rates !!
tight lines ,
Hey Mitch , thats a great idea , i would be fishin that benefit tourney keep us posted on the date
Its truly ashame people do the things they do,,,,,,,,very disheartning

My prayers with Cooch and his family
is anyone doing this?
Me float tube