Best all-around, utilitarian casting rod.

Just curious to hear from those with experience, is there that "magic" do-it-all rod that has impressed you with its performance in any task you put it up to?
I would be potentially pairing the rod with a shimano caenan baitcaster. As far as the kind of fishing I would be doing; 99.9% from shore, bass fishing, all the major techniques (pitching, jigging, cranks, and more), as well, I want to be completely comfortable doing some basic trout fishing (slider-sinker bottom fishing and bobber).
Depending on the results of this post I might be willing to save money to buy a better rod but I would hope to be anticipating something in the $75 area.

Thanks everybody.
Good luck out there
is there that "magic" do-it-all rod

Nope. There is no ideal rod that would cover all techniques. For example, you want a slower action rod for cranks, and at least a medium heavy power for pitching sparse cover.

When I was starting out I had just a couple of rods, and had to use one rod for a multitude of techniques. It was a medium heavy, fast action baitcaster. That would be your best bet for a versatile stick that will cover a number of techniques, but again, certainly not ideal for all the techniques you intend to use.

I haven't used very many brands, but you can't go wrong with a Shimano. In your price range you're looking at the Convergence for $60 ( ... e-CVC.html) or the Clarus for $80 ( ... -SCLR.html).

I have a like new Shimano Crucial for sale in the classifieds section. It has less than an hour of use. I bought it for $170, but asking $100.
To be honest “NO” when it comes to bass fishing one rod can only do so much. As for bank fishing application I would recommend to save your money and get a Phenix Recon C715H (10-25lb 3/8-1 1/2oz Fast Tip); with all my gear I use this rod the most. I use it for jigging, Spinnerbaits, Texas-rigs, and I even used it for wacky rigging senkos. Save your money and get a Recon…Image

Check it out @ tackle warehouse

I hope this help Good Luck!!!
No, that is why i have 26 rods [8|]
davetnitro wrote:
No, that is why i have 26 rods [8|]

Well put...

Dave have you always had a Verado? I heard those puppies purr ever so quietly
yup always had the V-rod, i often get comments, from folks that don't believe that it is running, pretty quiet.. stealth mode!
Shimano clarus 6 10 my your best bet
they have this sweet barbie fishing pole at sports authority. comes with lures and a lil pink tackle box too. most bang for your buck. :D
something like a 733 dolbyns or powell or a shimano crucial around the same... can do a multitude of things with it from jigs, senkos, spinner baits, small paddle tails, top water, for cranking you might be able to if you loosen your drag a bit and allow any fish to tire out it self out a bit... just invest in about 3 rods and you don't have to go to pricey either think used and save almost half on the rod and prolly close to half on the reel too...
something like a 733 model in one of the brands I mentioned, and cranking rod you can use for cranking mid to deep.. and a decent spinning rod for drop shotting and senkos.... and the spinning rod can double for a light/ shallow cranking too
Try and feel them in your hand and see what you think.. cause its your money being spent, not those of us giving an opinion.
All the advice being given though should hopefully help you in your search.

Best of luck..
OK , I'll add in ,
after 35 years fishing for bass ,
1 rod only (means I can NOT use the other 15 I have on the boat )
6'10" or 7'00"" medium action Shimano Crucial , with a Curado 200E7.
You can throw almost anything , you can target lures that probably work in any lake (senkos, t-rigs , c-rigs , s-baits , cranks , 1/2 oz or less jigs , etc...)
and , you get a lifetime warranty on the rod ( have had to use that warranty twice and no issues from CBT and/or Shimano) .
For the money , quality , warranty etc... my money is on Shimano..
And , yes I do have other high end rods from others MFG's from about 4-5 years ago , not worth the difference in cost and reduction warranty service for me.
Tight lines ,