Best Baitcaster Reel???

Is it Shimano?

I have been shopping around for a couple more rigs and am trying to decide whether to get some Bass Pro shops reels or a higher end Shimano, Abu, etc. I got a swimbait setup a couple months ago and got the Diawa Luna 300 over the similar Shimano TE 400; and I like it.

BPS is having a sale on their highest end reel, the Johnny Morris. I have a Pro Qualifier combo and its solid enough. I used to have a couple different Abu Garcia baitcasters 10 years ago and they were all good.

Looking to get a Frog rig, flippin rig, maybe a drop shot rig.

Any experience with shimano baitcasters vs. others?

The Shimano Curado gets plenty of love in my circle of friends. I own two of them and the smaller 101 series is one of my favorites....

Thanks for the info Marce. I saw a tackle tour review on the Curado and the Citica. Both sound good. Gonna check into the 2010 model Revo stx and then get a few.
Any love for the Revo STX?
I have 2 sx's and 1 stx

I really like both of them, ver smooth and built very well
I think I'm goin...

1 Revo STX on an IRod FRog Stick

1 Curado 5E on some kind of crankin stick

Gotta find a good cranking rod now....
Over the past 30 years of using baitcasters , I have had Diawa , Garcia , BPS and Shimano . Without a doubt , the Shimano Curado (8 different ones over various model years , last 8-10 years) is the most realiable model with the least amount of issues . Additionally , it's easier to have "similar" models because you end up knowing more about how they perform ,work , adjust etc.... I have never had a Shimano reel fail me in the field. Spend the additional money and go "high end" no matter the brand , you'll be glad you did and you probably will have a reel that will last 10-20 years .
Tight lines ,
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Thanks for the info O.M. Definitely going to get at least one Curado. Never had a Shimano and always wanted one!
Daiwa 100%. You can't beat a Zillion.
My Diawa Luna 300 is a great reel!
I prefer Daiwa, i have 2 steez, a couple of zillions, 4 vientos. Had a Sol, @ the bottom of coyote, and had a fuego, bottom of shasta..... i got a bunch of curado's, castaic...
+1 on Curado's 201e7, hands down!
tap_tap_boom wrote:
+1 on Curado's 201e7, hands down!

DITTO that