Best Bets For Striper Bank Fishing This Weekend

What areas are good? Going out for the second time tonight. No luck out at China Camp or McNears a couple weeks ago but I'm determined to bring at least 1 in this weekend. Gonna fish as much as my body can take for the next 3 days.

Well I would mention San Luis and O'Neal forebay but its not the ocean but I catch some keepers there using white Buck tail w/ grub curl tail 5/8s jig.
Went out to antioch Saturday and one of the seasoned guys taught me all I needed to know. Hooked up on one but missed the mark by a 1/4 inch! UGH!!! Lots of guys use small hooks and pulling out small shakers all day. The fun part was when the sea lion came in and they had to outmaneuver him to get the fish up to the pier. He ate pretty damn good LOL.
What kind of gear/bait/lures were used?

There have been some reports of stripers off some piers/shores on the peninsula. I think most of them are caught using cut bait; not sure if spoons or plugs are working.
Everybody was running on anchovies or sardines. I wasn't getting any bites on the anchovies but once I switched to sardines I was getting hits left and right by little guys. You have to wrap your bait with stretch string or the small ones will tear it apart quickly and even still you will find yourself rebaiting frequently. I threw out a couple lures but wasn't getting hit at all.