best place to bank anderson???

i got tomorrow off so iam going to bank it just wondering if you could bank by the launch ramps and if you have any directions how to get to the place by the bridge area let me know of any info thanks len 8-)
len, i think you can bank fish by the dam. if you want to get to the other side of the bridge to fish woodchoppers, take the east dunne ave. exit off of highway 101
Woodchopers is probably the best spot to go. I went on Saturday and got the skunk. Threw jigs,dropshot,jerkbaits,etc. I threw just about all the things in my box.
went out to woodchoppers with no luck fished deep with jigs dropshot seen a couple of bass boats out there catching a couple at 35ft with jigs no luck but great to get out fishing again :)len