Best way to fish for lake trout?

Hi guys.Name's Mike. Found this neat website when I was looking up lakes. Kinda new to fishing in general. Thinking about hitting perc ponds soon. What's the best way to fish for trout?

Powerbait with splitshot?
Spinner lures?
Trout Worms?
Greetings Ender. Where r u going to fish at? Shore or from a boat? If in a boat , some places I troll lures(needlefish) on a rubber snubber or a knightcrawler behing a small set of flashers. Lead core with colors is nice! Or minnow fish with a sliding bobber and stopper. From shore castmasters, inline spinners(meps, panther martins) and bait with a sliding sinker and swivel.

Your best bet would be to ask JimmyG. He is our local powerbait pro! :D Good luck and stay safe!
Ragga Ryan
Very nice. I will be fishing from the shore. Picked up a rooster tail from walmart today. Green feathers, gold spoon, orange body. Image

Hopefully this'll do the trick at perc ponds. If not I'll have the good ol` powerbait for backup.
It all depends on the fishing experience you're looking for, Ender. For more action and excitement go with spinner lures like kastmasters and panther martins(also great if you're a mover like me). For more fish in a shorter time, and more sitting, I'd say Power Bait and salmon eggs get the best results (also great for chillaxing and drinking some brew). Fish powerbait with sinker 3 ft above hook, so bait floats 2-3 feet up. There's many exceptions to these rules but for the most part this is how it tends to turn out, for me at least. Heard the Perc Ponds were just stocked with trout so they should be feedin reallllly aggressive for the next 10 days or so because food becomes scarce with a huge population increase. Also in about 3 weeks bass fishing on rainbow trout swimbaits will be absolutley AMAZING. Hope this helps. Tight lines and go barbless!
OK for the perc. ponds what you must do to catch fish is tie a sinker at the end of the line and about two feet up the line tie a palomar knot to a tiny, tiny treble hook and conceal the hook with chartreuse chroma-glow extra-scent Berkley Powerbait. cast to the middle of the first or second lake and get comfortable. when you see your rod tip twitch, wait for 5 to 10 seconds and SET THE HOOK.
Hmm well the bite hasnt been so hot at perc ponds, I was there for about 4 hours today and did not get a trout bite. I did however see a school of trout about 15 feet away from the shore [8|] I was casting my rooster tail like crazy, they seemed interested for about 2 seconds then swam away.