Big Bass in a tree video!

Check out this cool video of my buddy Tom Neito's fish stuck in a tree with 6lb test.We slammed them at Calero yesterday...actually Tom did! All his fish were over 5lbs, I had a couple of 3's on some swim baits. I apologize for a few 4 letter words (LOL)-I got a little excited! If you listen closely you can here his drag sing and the line rubbing on the tree.
dude thats sick!!
way to recover that fish.. I know that tree... nice to see the water up so high now... was most of your fish fairly shallow?
Thanks for the video.. I have seen a few of your videos from other site...
nice to see your a member of the SJB now...
Nice video and Nice fish. Glad to hear the fishing is getting better now. Two weeks ago I went was really slow. Did you guys get fish on shallow? Any tip?
Thanks guys,most of the fish that we have had in the last week and a half have came from shallow water 1' 2'feet after 11am, when the water starts to warm up a degree or two.
Great vid man!
great catch!
Awesome video man, we really appreciate you sharing this with us on SJB!!!

For those of you reading this post, Marone and I are going to be adding a TON of video this year. I'll start a new thread on the video topic....

I love that tree! I've actually had some really great success past the tree to the right. There is a small flat there that usually yields some pretty nice fish.
Awesome video enjoyed it to love those f bombs lol.......tree
Here is the edited version with nice pic at the end, and no more F bombs! sorry for that ;(