Big @$$ Squid in Monterey Bay

My Buddy just came in to the store and showed me what they are catching in Monterey bay Lot's of Big squid about 6 ft. long ........he said they we just dropping they line in and letting them sink down a bam all three poles said in 45 min catch a bunch ......those babies are big I wish I had time to go out....he said he was going to bring some in for me Ummmmmmmm [green]
Hummmmm...sounds like it's time to fish for bait.
Those squid where as tall as me...... I will have my bud send me a picture soon ok
That's the bad thing about fishing in the ocean.....YOU ARE PART OF THE FOOD CHAIN!!!!! I take my daughter down to fisherman's wharf a lot to look around in the fish markets. You wold be surprised what is being pulled out of our local waters in the bay.

Sr. try to get some pic's to us. Happy Holidays!
Here are those squidly diddly pics SR. was talking about. He sent these to me today on my phone...Who remembers "Squidly Diddly"? lol lol
Now SR. we just need the co-ordinates and the depth they were at! [8|] I want to go catch Crab Bait...