biggest one so far

I didn't have a scale to weigh it so I was wondering what you guys think?
DAMN thats a huge ass fish. I say thats around 11-12lbs.
That thing is a beast!!! Where did you catch that?
That is a thing of beauty. I'm curious too, where did you catch that monster? Did you get any estimate on length/girth? You can estimate the weight here if you did:
I'm originally from San Jose but since I joined the navy I'm stationed on camp pendleton near San Diego. I was fishing one of the lakes on base. Using a 5 inch senko swim tail and a 3/8 bullet weight.
nice fish!!...that place looks should float tube that place...

anyway, thanks for sharing
thats is one hell of a nice fish!
nice fish looks like about a 9 lbs-15oz lol
That's a toad man.
Nice fish, she is so plump with eggs... I would say about 9 but you never know.

That would kill me not knowing the weight, I am crazy I carry two scales one digital and one heavy duty spring scale in case the digital runs out of batteries.... : )_

Sweet fish and thanks for posting for us to see.

Set'Em Good
thanks guys.
yeah it is killing me not knowing how much she weighed ;| . I went out right after this and bought me a scale for next time.
good idea....

And thanks for sharing!