Black Friday "BLOWOUT" @ Coyote Bait and Tackle

This Friday 28th thru Sunday30th Get 20% off all lures and 10% off all rods and reels (excluding sale items)...Plus we pay the tax!! We will also be open Thanksgiving day 7am-1pm.
The sale starts Thursday so get in there! I'm sure they will have plenty of stock on hand. I will be there buyin some goods. [8|]
Kev i was there today..right after you left. They told me you had just walked out with a bag of Power Bait&Some wormblowers [8:)
LMFAO JIMMMYG!!! That's weird cuz I reconized the pic of your crappie from Uvas and I said to them, hey I know this guy, They said yup, he's in here all the time buyin minnows, mepps, and bobbers. They also said that they keep on tryin to get you to use some real bass lures, but they said you are scared. (8-|
%$#%$ Kev!!!! good one [red] [red] lol
lol Kevkc and JIMMY G, you guys are classic.
Kev and Jimmy both wear kids floaties when fishing on the boat, it makes me feel awkward. [red]
HAhahahahahah......u 2 are LAUGHS!!!!!......

Hahah JimmyG Kev got u with the "CRAPPIE" hahahahah LMAO!!!!!!...