Bluto got caught!

Caught several bigguns this year but I think this tops them all so far! The year ain't over yet so I'm still out stalking big ones if they are there and willing 8-) Caught at Anderson on Carolina Rig in bout 14 feet of water. Hoping to end 2014 with the next world record LOL!!!
nice. did u get a weight?
Nice bro nice way to go man
nice fish. chunker right there
big mama
norcalfisherman925 wrote:
nice. did u get a weight?

No scale, but I'll guess it was around 5-6 pounds.
Nice one Braddah!
maybe 7 it's kinda long
imagine right before the spawn that's gonna be a pig
I say 7-8!!!!
Look at the gut hidden b hind his hands!!
Solid fish bro and from ando no less!!!

whats that in the back ground out in the water ??
nice fish , especially for Anderson , probably 6-7 lbs . Next time , if you don't have a scale , measure the length and girth .
Then just do the calculation ( length X length X girth divide 1200 = bass's weight) I find it very accurate .
The object behind him is one of the three intake pumps . That particular one is used to bring in water from San Luis . Can really hold fish when it's deeper under water like 20-40 feet . I think I personally have about a hundred d-shot rigs on that one .
sure it's not this?
Yea, this fish was my biggest in a long time 8-) It was a pretty slow day to say the least. I started off at Woodchoppers and everywhere else and finally gave in to paying 6 bucks to fish the dam area. Have fun out there and remember conservation is key!
Kaneohe ,
read the link , it's exactly what I stated .
length X length X girth , divide 1200 , = bass weight .

Interesting......of the 8 links on that page, all of them have the formula I'm more familiar with:
girth x girth x length ; divide by 800 = fish weight

2 of the links specifically talk about bass . One of them has your formula. The other seems to use both depending
on the shape of the fish. If the proportions of the fish are such that length = 1.5 x girth, the results are identical.

I guess you can do it both ways and use the bigger number for bragging purposes lol