Boating Etiquette

I was out at Calero today on my aluminum boat. So, I'm fishing on one of the few main lake points and there was maybe 5 or 6 other boats out fishing and a few wakeboarders. Basically, there was plenty of open water to fish. So, here I am, fighting a fish to the boat when another bass boat goes racing by then flips around and comes off plane MAYBE 30 yards from where my boat is sitting. I'm thinking in my head, "ya right...." when the trolling motor goes down. I make another cast. My bait hits the water and starts sinking. Not even 15 seconds later, this guy's bait hits the water, RIGHT where I just casted. I mean, this dude is so close, I can PITCH my jig off his forehead. I ask "what are you doing? are you serious?" to which I don't get a reply. So, rather than get too confrontational with this person who is obviously CLUELESS when it comes to boating and fishing etiquette, I start up my "big" motor and rip rightttttt throughhhhhh the point hopefully washing it out for these poachers who think it's ok to just roll up on someone without saying a word and casting to the EXACT SAME SPOT I WAS FISHING.

Anyhow, they got off the water before I did. Or there would have most definately been words exchanged.

The morale of the story is, don't be a chickenshi7 on the water and poach someones else's spot WHILE THEY'RE ACTIVELY FISHING IT. This completely BLEW my mind. UNREAL. I seriously almost put a DD22 off your boat if you're reading this. You know who you are.

Have, and show some respect to others while you're fishing.

That's all.

I completely understand your frustration.
Some guys think that if they fish where your fishing from that they're gonna get one too.
Last time I was at Anderson I had a black tracker following me around.
We must have moved 6 times and everytime they were no more than 30 yards from me.
They don't understand it's the Indian not the arrow. lol
Top it off they asked to buy the a pack of worms that I was using. I can't even understand that one.
Calero is kinda small too so it makes it difficult.
I have my boat for about 13 years , before that I had various pontoon and float tube 's .
I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me .
One time , I am Anderson in my pontoon and Gilroy Bass Club is having a tournament .
I wasn't in the tournament , only fishing the dam but was doing real well , one of the participants watches me catch a nice 3 lb bass and literally comes directly between me and the dam and less than 30 feet from me and catches a nice 2 lber . I ask him what the hell he's doing as he was cutting in front of me , his answer is , "I am in a tournament and need the weight " !!.
A55H0les like these guys are everywhere , ruin it for everybody else .
glad you buzzed the water ,
tight lines ,
Clearly you are the problem judging by the location you list under your screen name... lol
Sad that most times the worst thing about fishing is other fishermen.
don't know if you guys go after salmon but when
you got down riggers and other guys make a run
real close to your boat. now that gets me fired up.
two boats got tangled up this year and I must have
heard every swear word that exist. but people don't
like to keep their distance. crazy
All I can say is don't get me started. (8-|
I hear you all on this. You would like to trust and believe that all people would possess what's called common courtesy not only in boating but in life as well. With that said I'd like to apologize to a fellow boater who I cussed out at Anderson for screaming at me for getting on your spot many years ago. I honestly felt I had a reasonable distance from you but you didn't feel that way. While I felt you were being unreasonable it didn't help the situation by me yelling back and threatening to beat you up. I'm the guy with Red and Gold Tracker SuperguideV16. I hope that you can forgive me. I'm very sorry. 8-)
One time we were fishing a break on Franks Tract, casting across the break. A guy in a pretty nice Skeeter comes off plane right next to us, puts his TM down and starts to fish exactly the same spot. I didn't curse him out because he had his young son with him but that was infuriating considering the amount of water out there.

Another time we were doing down the bank out there but we were fishing the outer weedline. A tracker with a whole family in it rips through around 20mph between us and the bank.

And of course this is in addition to all the jet skiers/wake boarders/water skiers we have to contend with during the summer months.

For me the moral of the story is that life's too short to get all pissed off when you're supposed to be relaxing. That said i always keep my fillet knife close at hand! ;-)