Bobby Barrack Striper Trip

Very fun. For those of you that want to hook some of these fish and don't know how or do not have a boat, give him a call. Kind of pricey but worth the cost if you split it. ($400 for two people)

I had a great time and he basically stated that the season will last until the end of get out there!!!

Article coming is a pic of the same fish that I posted a pic of in the photo section. Estimated 13 pounds. TOPWATER SON!

That fish has got a huge head! glad you got a biggie. 25+ coming soon...
holly shoot dude that fish is huge!!! I fish for stripers in Tracy marina and only catch like 30 12 inchers next to a dam.
Nice Mario......Cant wait for the article....Man I need to get me a FATTY STRIPER!!!!...

Looking forward to the article!!!!....