breaking pbs

Went out to yote threw senkos all day hooked up with 6 :D :D first on a 2.5 pounder set a pb then crushed that with this 4 pounder lol lol lol hooked another 2.25 and three dinks [red] They're waking up boys, I'm new to this awesome website props to the guys in charge
yote's heating up!! [green]

Nice chunk
Nice fish congrats on the pb.
I dont like you. I was there last week and got a 5 ouncer.

Good job though!
Nice! Keep it up! I wish our ponds up here in the central east bay would turn on. Lucky to be living in the south bay right now! [green]
Nice fish Congrats
nice fish!

what color senko were you throwing??
pumpkin with purple flakes
[8|] Nice fish...think it is time to change your name now?
I've been holding out until I break 5lb before i do that.
Big Ups!
yeah....pbs are awesome!