Bryan Stow Speaks first words!

Thu Sep 22 04:39pm EDT

Giants fan Bryan Stow speaks his first words since beating
By David Brown

Bryan Stow can speak again.
And he wants to see his kids.
Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally beaten outside of Dodger Stadium on opening night of the season recently uttered his first words since awakening from a medically induced coma.
His family's blog reported that Stow responded audibly and accurately to several questions asked by speech therapists on Wednesday. Stow said his own name and birthdate, he told his sister that he loved her, and when his father held up a picture of Stow's children — 8-year-old Tabitha and 12-year-old Tyler — Stow responded as any father would:
"I would like to see them."
Wow. How wonderful to hear such good news.
Progress has come quickly over the past week, since doctors implanted a shunt in Stow's brain to remove excess fluid, which they hoped would increase his responsiveness. Among his injuries, Stow suffered a severe skull fracture and bruising on his front lobe as a result of the attack.
At some points during Stow's recovery, doctors weren't sure when, or even if, he would speak. His family says it wasn't sure, either:
We are blown away with all of this. Literally one day we got some facial responses and the next, he's talking. His voice is gravelly and you have to be close to hear him, but he is talking.
Bryan's had many ups and downs, and though we see how far he has come, we try not to look too far back into these past 6 months, and we can't look too far down the road so we focus on right now. We pray that the Drs can control the blood clots and they stay away from Bryan's lungs. But right now, Bryan is more awake and more responsive then ever.
Lawyers say Stow's medical bills will exceed $50 million, though funds have been set up several places — including the San Francisco Police Credit Union, and via PayPal (to the email account — to help alleviate those costs.
Many individuals have come forward to say they'll help too, notably former Giants slugger Barry Bonds, who has said he will pay college tuition for Tabitha and Tyler.
The Dodgers, trying to protect themselves legally, say they will file a civil suit against the men accused of the beating — Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood. Stow's family is also suing the Dodgers.
Right now, all of those things are secondary to Stow's recovery. The good news is that it sounds like it's coming along.
Bryan wrote his name this week!,

May the power of Prayer and in the Lords name with you Byan and your family!!