Calero 11/10

Fished Calero yesterday from 1 or so till close. Didnt get out till late, and by then the wind had really picked up. Fished from the tube, but could only fish the couple points close to the launch ramp. Nothing yesterday. I did notice they have dropped the water since I was last there 2 weeks ago or so, don't know how much but it was noticeable.
dockboy ,
fished it last week with jigster and ended up with 16 or 17 total .
fish are really scattered , lake is dropping , water is cooling.
spinnerbaits - deep , slow, long casts covering lots of water - vary your retrive.
Senkos to follow -up similar area's , weed edges , missed hits on the spinnerbaits. Helps to find the baitfish.
We didn't get any real big bass , maybe 2 1/2 to 3 lbs the biggest , but I ended up snagging a 17lb carp , right in the head. helluva fight . At first thought I had a record level bass , then ended up realizing fight was totally different than what a really big bass would do. Still lots of fun.
Calero can be a real hit or miss this time of year. Consistent weather helps.
Catch and release em'
1Old man
Thanks for the info! I got fish a few weeks back. The weather change and the time limit was my enemy this time around. I hope to get out there with better weather here soon