Calero 11/13

Got out on the water about 830. Tried some top water but no action. Threw small swimbait, no action. Got windy, threw jerkbait, no action. Decided to go shallow with silver spinnerbait, Lots of Action! Had 3 quality fish in 45 minutes.
3-12, 2-6, and a nice 5-1. Thinking fish probably wouldn't be shallow because a weather lately but i was wrong. Landed those three and had 2 more pop off. Grass has thinned out quite a bit. Allowed spinnerbait to go through easily. All in all not a bad day. Lipless crank probably would had done the job also.
I read in an article that right before it is winter the bass try to get as much food as possible for the winter. You can still catch fish its just you have to try your harder.
yea it happens like that out at the lex during winter too. on sunny days when the water is low an muddy the fish are shallow with a capital S. i mean like 2 ft of water. there is a special spinnner bait that kills'em out there. an not an everyday retrieve to get'em. point of the story is they're shallow on nice days
awesome! I haven't been to calero in forever...I hooked, not landed ;D, my first bass ever at calero on a spinnerbait. Since then I have yet to catch one on a spinnerbait, although I don't ever throw it since I don't think I own one. Might have to try it soon.
Jerbs! I feel you on the spinnerbait tip. I do own a few, but , not many. When it gets windy I'm a rattletrap jerkbait type of guy myself. I have caught a few though and I must admit they hit it hard!
Nice Nitro. I need to vary my lure approach some. Good to hear you caught some there at Calero. When I fished the s.d. lakes down south of here I always went with what my uncle did. He caught many more fish than I did on a more consistent basis, but I (being the rebel I was back then) used to tie on things he scoughed at a bit.
2 of the many times i went fishing with him i found that special lure the bass wanted.
Then of course he wanted to use my gear lol. which i had no problem with.

If any of you are trout fishers too, try a little cleo at dawn. They are hrd to find in the shops. Only place i found was at coyote bait.
They can be ordered though. 4 lb. test line on a light action setup.
Well you all know about the ideas. They have been good for some at the right time and place, but of course don't always work.
(btw the trout i caught with that setup were brown trout instead of the usual stocked rainbows if i remember correctly.)
So I find myself getting back into the fishing world.
If you want to share what type of spinner that was i'll try it. i'm limited to shore fishing unless i find a lake i can rent a boat at.
I only caught the one 2 pounder there, but what a blast it was to catch something.
Let me know next time you go out and i'll try to meet you there.
yeah it was windier (if thats even a word) than hell. I couldn't cast into the wind without a backlash. Pretty sure feeding on shad for the winter. Starting to get cold at night. Had more luck with a spinnerbait at calero than any other place i've fished. Was fishing it pretty slow letting it get hung in grass then pop it free. and they do hit it hard.
Thanks man. The tips are much appreciated.