Calero 12/12 and 12/14 Reports

Went out Friday from 10am-4:15pm. Had three bites from 11ish to 12:30 on a jig. First was a 5lber, second almost 2lb, and then lost one that felt larger than the 5lber. Nothing after that as conditions changed.

On Sunday headed out from 9:30am-4:15pm. Brutally cold, windy, and rainy. Damn weather forecasts! >:-( All the ones I checked showed winds 5-10mph. Yeah right! More like 15-20mph and out of the east. Not even close. I was fighting the cold and wind all day. My hands were ice cold and my feet were pretty cold as well. I could barely move my fingers. lol Got the skunk. Not one hit on a jig or ripbait.
I was fishing in the SNOW today at Clear Lake. That was a first, talk about cold!