Calero 2/10 report

Well it was slim picking today. Sunny, cool and cold water. Water is stained with about 3ft visability. Only got one bite and one fish on a jig (first of the year though [green] ), just a little guy. Fished 8am-noon, not too exciting but peaceful out with not many boats on the water.
U found 3 ft visibility? I was there on Monday and it looked like crap and fished shi tty. I threw a HUD all day and looked for that one big bite.... I ran all over the lake. I noticed the water warming up which must be confusing these fish a ton because normally this time a year there would be a nice thermo cline or good deep bite. Oh well that's calero....good fish though
Thegrayelephant I mean you no disrespect, but usually that's how it goes when chucking a HUDD or any swimbait really. Multiple trips with no fish, then Bam, 1 big bite. I actually just got my first swimbait bite recently on a 6" trash fish. Keep at it and good luck!
Slower bite than usual but got a couple real good chunks (3-4.5lb range) there yesterday.. Yes I do think the warmer weather has these fish confused, my bites were deep 25'-30'.. But there was one hook up in 3' of water, weather is cooling and will have them in there usual stacks soon...

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