Calero 2/10

So on friday we officially acquired another new SJSU member of our fishing club. I wanna welcome Andrew Sumi to the club by taking him out to Calero. He said he wanted to learn how to fish a jig and said he never caught a jig fish. Well long story short his PB before this trip was 5# even.

We started out with finesse, then he asked if I could teach him to throw a jig. Well... i warned him that a Jig will yield a big bite, but you will not see the numbers. He said he was fine with it. So I gave him a Jig and went to town. About 45 minutes in he swings on a fish, he had it on for a good few minutes. The fish tailwalked on him a few times. In my mind this was the biggest bass I have ever seen in Calero. Keep in mind my biggest is 8#15oz at Calero, Tim's was 10#. So i am guessing this fish was about 9-10#. Unfortunatley I had to guess because it came un buttoned at the boat.


I told him, you never know what will happen you might hook another pig. Well 15 minutes later he hooks up on this solid new PB for him at 8#1oz on a skinny bear jig.
sick!! the skinny bear jigs are really the best on the market.
I was gonna go there this week-end, but went some where else. BAD CHOICE! [8|] lol Hpoefully soon i can head out there
Nice fish! I'll have to check that place out as soon as I get my aquatic whip.