Calero 3-2

Went out to Calero today to get used to my new Baitcaster I got last weekend (Johnny Morris Signature series II Rod and Reel Combo). I did not expect to catch anything, just wanted to practice. Ended up catching two bass. the big one (sorry for the extremely crappy picture, too much adrenalin :) ) was 22" and exactly 6.5lbs. I did not measure the small one, guess around 13".

These where my first fish with Baitcaster, it's hell a lot of fun to fight a big bass with it :) The equipment handled the fish without a problem. Also first fish of 2013 after being skunked the last 4 or 5 trips.



Caught both on a Strike King squarebill Chartreuse Shad Crankbait in pretty shallow water.

Guess the bite is on guys. Good luck out there.

What time did you find them to be biting?
The big one around 11am and the small at 1pm. I was at the water from 10am to 3pm.
Very nice fish! My wife and I were at Anderson today and the fish were biting...we ended up with 15 fish between the two of us, but nothing of that quality. Congrats on the new gear.
Man , i knew i shoulda hit calero ;( went to almaden lake that place is getting pounded
Nice Fish wow 6.5 sweet one swiss
I was at Calero yesterday too. Nailed a 3 pounder out of cherry cove and a buddy caught 3.5 too. If this is a showing of what's to come this year Calero is going to be HOT...
Went to Calero today, saw about 6 bass break the surface, one was atleast 7-8 lbs. he was a monster, I caught nothing, except a tick... Bah tick. But I will be returning. Don't like the 6$ to park.... but Hey, if I stay for a full day, it would be worth it.
I got the year-round parking pass for CA County parks. Think it'd cost around 70 bucks or so. It's good for all county parks, transferable to other cars (It's a static sticker so it's easy to move from one to another car) and if you go a lot it's well worth it.

Sorry to hear you got skunked and ticked. I hate ticks...