Calero 3/24

Showed up around 8:30. The toon wasnt ready for the lake so i walked the bank. Started off near the launch ramp and got a BIG bite on a spinnerbait, but missed it. Not to long after, nailed a 1 lber right next to the left dock of the ramp, with a spinnerbait. Started walking toward the first dam switched around baits for a while, spinnerbait, senko, frog, crankbait, whole buncha other stuff, NOTHING. Decided to leave around 12ish. The fish are biting, but u gotta get there on the early side.
Thanks for the report. I hate the ones that get away! Was there any jet skiers out there? I usually try to get out there on a weekday to avoid them.
there was one jetskier, but he was an old dude, so he didnt go too fast. a speed boat came, but we were leaving just in time. there was also some dude with a hella sick white nitro.