Calero 3/26

Got out today for the first time to the South Bay lakes.
Fished from 1-6...was definately tough for us..lots of wind. We got two small guys in the back coves on small worms. Saw a couple other guys out there and sounded like nobody did too good out there.
Yeah, I was out yesterday (3/25) on my toon and I was able to get four largies up to 3 lbs before 11:00, but after that the wind really picked up and I got nothing the rest of the afternoon and I got off the water at 4:30. The wind was really tough. Not easy fishing out of the toon and trying to stay where I wanted to. I was able to find some water out of the wind, but mustered no interest from the resident green fish.

I was, however, able to have fun with a 15 lb carp that liked the look of the roboworm I was dragging. While it wasn't a largemouth, it was still a hell of a battle to get him in with my spinning rod. Here's a pic of the ugly bastard...