Calero 3/29

Walked the bank at Calero Saturday afternoon. Went North to the dam and past it a ways. Threw spinnerbait, C-Rig/roboworm, crankbait, jerkbait, swimbait, all getting nothing until about 6:00 I tied on a white/chart chatterbait. Picked up two 15"ers in short order and then a few minutes later, right next to the dam, I got a 4 pounder to bite. All were hitting the bait shallow as I pulled it over/by weeds that were close to shore.

Not a bad day, going from just getting ready to leave skunked, to bagging a few little fighters and one pissed off 4!

How far past the dam did you walk?
I went at least a couple of hundred yards, out to where that one spit/point of land goes way out into the water. Of course, that land would be covered if the lake was full.

I actually started catching the fish as I was working my way back over that couple of 100 yard stretch, with the the 4 lber hitting where the bank got to the dam.
Funny... I just happened to find a map of Calero. The "dam" I was refering to was the little one that is closer to the launch ramp. The map showed what is obviously a much bigger dam quite a ways farther down the bank, out of site to me where I was walking.

Ya there is actually two dams there... the one closes to the lanch as you mentioned.. and then there is one around the way from that as well. You can only fish that one from shore though. No boats back in the furthest dam area... USGS has seimic equipment under the water back there under the water. And it has a sign too I believe that says no boats. Enjoy and thanks for the update.