calero 3/4

Hit up calero this morning at 9:30................... GregD and Bass_Fisherman were making it sound too good. Hooked a 2lb 13oz on the fifth cast right at the inlet (first time fishing calero, had to try the spot you guys were talking about). Then nothing until about 11:30........... 1lb 11oz off a point on the east side then called it a morning. Saw a couple of boats on the water and some fellow bankers just wondering if any them were members? a great lake to fish from shore or boat!! Glad you hooked up with some ponz!!

Maybe I will see you out their soon!!
Hey ponz, good to hear you got a few to bite. They definitely seem to be waking up out there. When I went out in late January I got skunked.

I also agree that it's a great lake to fish from the bank. Before I got my toon I was banking it once or twice a month and not only did I get many 3-4 lbers, but I also got an 8 lber last summer with a buzz bait. I'd never had a fish that size from the bank before.
I just want to thank you guys for sharing your stories it helps a lot with understanding the lakes around here
It never hurts to say a friendly hello as you walk bank being you can ask the anglers if they are from s.j. bass forums.
I used to never talk to anyone,however, I have found it's very rare to run into a rude fisherman. The worst they would do is not reply in which case you could tie on a heavy treble hook lure and cast it at them 'accidentally' lol j/k.
On occasion I go there. It would be nice if there were shirts for sale with s.j. bass logo on front and back. I'd certainly support the cause by buying a couple. Easy way if you choose to be identifiable by members on a fishing outing. I think I'll even suggest it on a new post to see if anyone can silkscreen simple logos.
Where is the water level at now after all this rain?
Krumbergbassin wrote:
Where is the water level at now after all this rain?