Calero 4/1....

Gunna be there @ 9am with Rippn Lipps (Mike) and hopefully get on a pattern!!!!....Will post up report and pix if we stick some fish!!!!!......i havent been to calero in months....Literally!!!!....

Any lil tips on whats been hot and where!!!!......Called in to work and wanna make it a worth while day!!!!

Let us know how you did. Going out tomorrow with Marce and JimmyG.
yep good luck today Jim!! Please report when you get back!!
Holly CARP!!!!!!!......Man was it a WINDY @$$ DAY!!!!!...

We didnt get a break all day long!!!!!! I was driving on the way there and not one sign of wind but as soon as I got off on the Bailey Exit man it was a BLOW N....!!!!

We got on the water a lil after 830 and off we went.....I had Rippn Lipps (Mike) and GBSlayer (Jeff) on board and hit up some of my familiar spots!!!!.....

Low and be hold....Jeff would get the fisrt hook up but lost it 3-4ft from the boat!! We did get a chance to look at it was a nice 4lber easy!!!!....We continued down our bank and BAMM Jeff LAYS into a FATTY.....Easy 7-8lber on a swimbait!!!!.....Nice....He was fighting her for 2 min or so and she was making some NICE RUNNS!!!!!.....Had her by the boat ready to lip.....Then she see's me and the boat OFF SHE GOES....From the driver side of the boat all the way over to the passenger side JUMPS IN THE AIR comes back down he gets by my side again I go to lip and BINK she shook her head and OFF SHE CAME!!!!! >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

Jeff couldnt stopp for atleast 2 hrs talking about it....Was funny cause im the same way....

A couple hrs go by and i finally got the first fish on the boat!!!!! Yay!!!! Nice chunck 3 maybe 3.5.....Got another a few min later nice lil 2 maybe 2.5.....

We did see one guys out there in a cove not some 40 yards away catch,weigh and release a 8.1lber....It was a nice fish!!!!!......

Poor Ol Mike got the SKUNK.... [red] [red] [red] Sorry BUD!!!!!...I tried!!!!!....I will post pix as soon as I upload them!!!!!...All in all was a great day besides the F N WIND!!!!....

P.S. Calero is about to BUST WIDE OPEN FOR SPAWN!!!!! If it hasent already!!!!!....We saw a few fish shallow....And they were on a good feeding frenzy!!!! Specially in da morn !!!!!......

Was awsome gettn out fellas!!!!

Marce try the bastrix paddle tail......HINT HINT!!!!...

Pix coming soon!!!!....

Hell ya, that wind is frickin crazy out there!

Thanks for the info bro and the hint.. [green]
Very fun read Jr. Glad you got fish...poor next time bud! I know your saving your hookups for Clear Lake later on this month. Hey Jr. got a net on board? I like to lip them too or scoop them up under their bellies, but some times you jus got to grab the net, helps guarantee a picture from a day of fun fishing.
Good catchin Jr. Went with Marce and JimmyG and did ok, JIMMYG got the skunk and was taking birds nests out of his reels all day, rookie. lol
We saw some shallow cruisers too. Wacky senkos were the ticket and the wind didn't start up til about noon for us.
Went for the evening sesh....We caught a good amount of fish but no big ones. rip baits, d-shot, and jigs.

Nice to see the trout crew in the trout troller... [green]
Went out today as well. Caught some ripping and soft plastics texas rigged and on jigheads. Busted a 7-7 1/2lber around 1:30pm. Her tail was rubbed raw and she had deposited a lot of her eggs. Also caught an almost 2lb crappie. Second crappie so far this year. I caught one over 2lb on Sunday. The wind really picked up in the late afternoon and continued the rest of the day. It's been really windy most days I've gone out. Cold northwest wind too.
O.K. the "THE REAL STORY" Calero was good in the am. I landed a nice one on a wacky rig...Marce swithed to a 'Wacky" aswell and landed 3. One was a bute. Wacky was the ticket. Kev continued to use a DropShot all day with no action.....working his way to SkunkVille. Wind was startin to pick up in the afternoon and we called it quits.
Kev decided to switch to a "WACKY" 10 mins before we leave...what a "Lamar Latrell" lol
Marce had a great time again brotha....Have a great Birthday!!!

We figured that JimmyGs birdnests issues were due to his limp wristed casting style. I don't know if we can fish with him any more cuz he also lets out a weird scream with every's really awkward.
JimmyG and guy's can't stop fishin togather ....... cause every time I read your post.....I can't quit LMAO......YOU MAKE MY DAY....... lol
Here are the 2 that made it to my livewells....LOL....Sad to say we should have had atleast 5-7 fish in the boat do to bad hook ups and those NASTY HEADSHAKES!!!!...


Thanks SJB for a great set of forums, i've been reading up for the last few weeks on here but usually don't post.

I also was at calero, happy april fools to me! I was the only person out there that hiked from the ramp out towards the big dam around 930-noon or so. Either way, saw a few boats doing good, hopefully that was you all.

I got nothing.... i was even sneaking up on em and throwing everything at them. I ended up going to campbell percs at sunset and got a few 2lbs on the fly with a popper, so the day wasn't a total loss!

see ya all out there soon,