Calero 4-6 and 4-7

hiked from the horses to rocks opposite boat ramp. caught a dink in the flats and a nice 4 pounder off the rocks. all my buddies (except one) got at least one fish also. not bad fer being in typhoon winds with some lake lice doing wave-bys.

sunday hiked to second dam and caught a nice nap past the runoff thingy.

all in all not bad weekend. ;)
lol I might have seen you there on Mon - I was out in a boat on other side of lake - we caught a couple off the boat, but it was frustratingly slow and your 4lber crushed our fish size.

The water ski guys on Sat made is stupid to try and fish, they are totally inconsiderate to be polite. I am growing tired of Calero because of the idiots out jet skiing etc most days now it seems.

Any advice on good areas to catch from shore?

What bait/lure do you use there?
hike to the 2nd damworkin' the steeper rocky areas especially once you get into the no boat zones. then try workin' the dam once it warms up a bit. i think you can float this area, at least i've never been told otherwise by the boys/girls in brown.

plastics on a drop/split maybe a rattler or crank if the algae/grass isn't being a pain in the arse. 8-)