Calero and surrounding ponds...

Went fishing out at Calero today. Walked around the entire lake! Not sure how far that is but was definitley tiring :) Was a beautiful day with great weather. Fish weren't really biting, only landed one and missed a couple hits. Was mainly junk fishing crankbaits, though, so more patience could have been more productive. Really curious if anyone has fished any of the ponds on Bailey Ave, Monterey Rd (near coyote golf course), West San Martin Water Works, or any of the other little spots in that area. Anyone know if any of these have fish in them? Which are private(gaurded), and is it hard to sneak in? Planning on going and testing some soon either way, just hoping for some insight. Thanks in advance...
the ones on monterey are open. major restrictions though. i believe they are closed to all fishing right now. you need to check in to that. ive never fished the ones off of bailey. always been kind of curious about them though. theres a golf course real close to calero. i snuck out there once. got some massive bites, but never landed any. they just didnt feel like committing. my buddy told me he seen some big ass bass in one of the ponds while he was golfing though. also, below the second damn at calero there is a pond. ive never fished that one either, but wouldnt mind trying. i love to fish little waters like that. hope some of this helps
Ive ran out to the ponds off of bailey and made a few casts..I dont think there are fish in there, its really shallow and muddy...only saw ducks and lots of frogs. There is a pond up the trail that starts at the horse stable entrance to calero..Its not a very far walk, you can see the damn from the map at the trailhead. Its a really small pond but its got a lot of bluegill in it and some decent sized bass. When i was in high school i saw a guy catch about a 5lber on a live bluegill. There is another pond a few miles up that trail that ive never fished but looks pretty decent.

So ive seen a few different posts on here talkin about cinnabar golf course. I dont know how many people have gone there but ill let out my little secret and some pointers.(Dont go and completely blow it up please?!) lol I go there all the time and recently ran into a few guys that might be in the process of, or have already, ruined be able to go there for myself, themselves, and anyone else.They said golfers went to complain of them being on the green and someone that worked there came to kick them out, pretty upset that they were fishing/trespassing. I forget your guys names but if you are on here please take my advice and only go there in the evening and DONT be dumb enough to park directly across from the back entrance to calero again. If the rangers/sheriffs see you parked there they will assume you are either going into calero after hours if its in the evening, or trespassing on the golf course.(my bro had them get on the megaphone ordering them to come back to their vehicle or it/they would be cited) The best place is the next pull out on the right towards the golf course entrance in front of the giant poison oak patch. If anyone wants to go, let me know. Personally, i think ive caught ALMOST every fish in there. It can be awesome one day and the next you can get the big skunker. Ive been going there for years but only do so in the evening and stay off the green untill there are no golfers. Ive never once had a problem and hope I will still be able to enjoy this beautiful little pond. Hope this helps.Thanks guys
you know i been there only once. seems pretty cool. parked pretty much across the street from the entrance. fished the pond in the far back of the course. i went there at night so it wasnt me blowing it up lol. i would love to go there again sometime. know theres potential there. let me know frogflipper. oh and i did throw a frog out there, but never got a blow up. was kind of bummed ... &sa=N&tab=
good pond i fished