Calero Bassin' Vid

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Guy needs to learn how to hold a bass.
whoa whoa whoa put away the claws bro.. thats rusnyders a proffesional fisherman he know how to hold a bass perfectly and its a little bass you dont have to treat it like a 10 lber.... we dont go around like smashing its head in the deck but we dont have to freakin baby it..and plus i dont see you holding any bass pictures so dont talk bro and dont start stuff
Rus took me and my girlfriend out on Calero a couple of weeks ago. Even on a day when it was cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, calm, and everything in between we caught fish. We caught on tubes, dropshots, spinnerbaits, topwater and Rus even caught a crappie on a spoon. He's a good guy and a good fisherman. I learned a lot and we had a great time.
Nice Vid dude!
ya rus is a really cool guy me and him are pretty cool im heading out striper fishing with him saturday but the trip was a while back but ive been on plenty of trips with him .. he is a great fisherman and you will learn a lot if you go with him.. plus hes a lot less expensive compared to other guys
Thanks Tim,

So you down about what we talked about soon? [8:)
I am still debating because I am not sure what day I am available to do that on Delta. I'll talk to Anthony "elephant" about it as well. I'll let you know early next week!
Alright sounds good
Ender wrote:
Guy needs to learn how to hold a bass.

Wow....first off, to hold a fish like that takes skill when its flopping around in the water. You will find that ALOT of people do it. There is more than one way to hold a fish. Take for example bassmaster series where nets are not allowed. It is critical that you can grab a fish regardless of the situation. You can't always wait for him to open his mouth. You definetly do not want to pick up a bass on a jerkbait and get a handful of treble. I say next time your on a boat, try and pick one up over the head, it takes practice and is completely fine.

I give ALOT of respect to Rus, He is one hell of a pro fisherman along with Zaldain, Meyers, Irwin, Naillon and many others.

Nick... Tim called me today, we can go assuming Tim doesn't make me carry a damn camera all day and watch him. in sick, bring the rain gear, lets hit the water tomorrow.