calero etc 3/15

any one going to hit up some of the south bay lakes in that area might try them out on sunday anyone planning to head out thyere if any one tries it earlier post up how it went thanks [green]
im thinking about calero sunday if not sunday tuesday for sure hey are they open tuesdays
haha i dont know why they would be closed
they changed the open days due t that quggramussel and economy bs
Our friend the mussel Calero is closed Monday & Tuesday and Anderson Wednesday & Thursday. If you are a boater (not sure about tubes/toons) remember reservations start again Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

Bookmark this Parks & Recs site for future reference,
i have a fishcat 4 , i guess i will be at calero sunday being the wife okays all that, i took tuesday off from work to fish ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,not calero , i guess i will go to work on tuesday
anyone fishin calero sunday
Im going to calero on sunday. Taking my cousin who is not a great fisherman but should be fun anyways. I went on the 4th and landed a 6.5lb'er off the bank. I think it was a bit bigger cause my scale sucks! hahaha anyways I will be in a blue alumacraft boat. Feel free to say hi if anyone wants. I dont know anybody on this site. I just joined 2 mins ago. I go fishing alot and always looking for a decent partner. Im not a pro or anything but I think im decent..? anyways maybe I'll see you guys???
I can only get out there after church so i will be in a blue fishcat should b around 12 noon 1pm fishin till they close, hope to see ya
just got official word well be heading out there around 11 or so look for us at the dam see you guys there [green] hopefully well catch somin this trip coming hard with tubes jigs senkos etc [red]
we'll be out there tomorrow! there will be 3 of us in float tubes launching to the left of the boat ramp.
damn float tubers >:-( real men fish on the shore [green]
78trojans wrote:
damn float tubers >:-( real men fish on the shore [green]

hahaha! lol good luck out there buddy! [green]
hope to see you all bring on the toads
didnt make it out to calero today,only a quick bank walk at alamaden, senkos,crankbaits,spinnerbaits,jerkbaits,sweetbeave,tubes, not a bite or snag
how did you guys do at calero
Didnt make it either. I got called into work on some emergency, i agreed only cause i heard about the rain forcasted. not even a sprinkle cam e down. damn weatherman.