Calero -- how to get to the other bankside?

How do guys get over to the opposite shore on foot? The second entrance by the golf course...I've been in there once and I only saw one parking area right after driving in off of McKean. That parking is pretty far from the water. Is there a second lot closer, like inside the stables area that is accessible to the public?

Just wondering. I need to go fishing saturday (if weather holds) and was thinking to go to the other bank side for once.

i tried to get a picture from google earth but my computer is acting up. google earth has a great view of the lake, and all of the ways to get around of it. try it out.
You could hang out by the dock and ask for a lift to other side. You wouldn't want to get stranded though. I've thought about it before. Once I get my boat operational I'll taxi you over there.
I looked at google earth before i posted. not sure if the second parking lot is open to the public or not.

I've walked to cherry cove before (from boat ramp to dam to cove) but just was wondering about the opposite directoin. There's always someone there fishing. I'll just have to go see what the signs say about parking.