Calero Report - 11.02

Kev and I went out to Calero today and fished from 10:30 - 4:30.

We only pulled in two fish, and it seemed that most of the fisherman around us were struggling as well. I did manage to catch a 4 lber on a crankbait (posted in the photos section), that was pretty cool.

Good luck out there, and keep the reports coming!

nice fish expecially the day after a storm like that.
You forgot to mention that Calero pitched a shutout to me today, I haven't had a skunk in a while. This is a huge skunk and I'm ready for redemption.
I went out today as well. Definitely a tough bite. Wish I had gone Saturday. Managed 3 on a wacky rigged Senko. Lost what felt like a big fish my first bite on the WR. I cast out and shortly after engaging my reel my line goes screaming off to the side. Felt the fish for a sec and then gone. Had two swirl on a buzzbait and Spook. Nothing on a jig and ripbait. Saw lots of baitfish on my sonar in 15-20 feet.
Here's the photo:

Bout TIME you got on the WATER!!!!!....LOL....Nish fish Marce!!!!! [green] [green] [green]