Me and my bro got on the water about 11am. the water is getting low again. Plus the wind was blowing pretty good and chopping up the water, but we managed to get a few. Most were caught about 2:30-3pm, my bro got about 4 fish about 2.5 lb each and one nice 3.7lb on a shallow running crank bait. I tryed damn near everything in my tackle bag, but I got skunked. In all, It was still a good day. Oya... the carp were going crazy in the shallows, popping right on the bank.
I was out there at Calero on Sunday the 24th between 2-6.... I walked along the north shore, (parkinglot side) towards the Dam... There is a sweet point about half way down where I landed a good 2.5lber!!! Wish i had a pic cause she was a [green] beaut!!!

My buddy also landed one about 200 yards from the Dam.

We were using Dark Senkos and White/Red Spinners

Starting to pick up!!!! Its gonna be a great season.

-Good Luck to all and stay hooked up!!!! 8-)