calero reports

Looking for more reports,
went out this morning waders south end bout first on the lake!!
throwing spinners [8:) [8:) [8:) , chatter bait, sweetbeavers, nothin cold ass water , verylow they must have let out more it is down by 2.5 or 3 feet since last weekend ;( >:-( >:-(

did manage to bring in one bass 2lber my buddy caught 2 :D :D :D :0 :0 :0
ima head out there tomorrow and END THIS NAST SKUNK I GOT ON ME (8-| with a new hand held fish finder no more guessing for me haha ima get mr.BASS }:(
My buddy and I went out today, we caught 6 little ones in 5 hours. 4 on jerkbaits, 2 on a dropshot. Fished the north bank from the lot to the little dam.
Nice to hear you landed some fish. I guess it was worth the journey to Santa Clara, since the quarrys are so close to you. Not too sure why our ponds have not turned on yet. Usually lots of little chunkers. Maybe next month.
Whats up guys, Im still kinda new to your forums, Just thought Id put in my report for calero.. so about 12:45 my bro got one on a jig slow retrive near the ranger boat launch.
walked around and worked the point. My bro finnaly got another about 1:30 near some weeds with a senko t-rig. In the same area I missed 1 and hooked another with on a frog about 2pm. We left to check out coyote bait raffle. After my bro went back and got 2 more on senko.

Frog fish? [8|] Awesome!
Nice frog fish ncbassman. Nice Shimano Chronarch Mg too. I'll be frogging real soon. Been getting ready. Last year was a blast. 8-)

I too was out Saturday and had a bass try to smoke my topwater as I reeled in fast for the next cast. I threw back at it and caught the 2.5lber. Later I was trying to sight fish but the cloud cover got real dark so I couldn't see that well. I started throwing topwater again right when it started pouring and I caught the 4.5lber I had seen. I went back to sight fishing for a 4-5lber, but she wouldn't bite. Finally I gave up with about and hour left to fish and went back to topwater. I had about 10 blowups and managed to catch 5 more, including a 6.5lber. After I packed my gear I threw topwater again from shore and had a 3-4lber explode on my lure, but no hookup. I love overcast, rainy days. [green]