calero sat afternoon

Hey ya all , going to hit calero this afternoon , will drop by a report later tonight wish me luck
Good Luck today. I really like Calero and probably fish there more than anywhere else. Also being only 20 minutes away doesn't hurt either.
Well i hit calero with waders and walked down to the cove right before baily cove 2 float tubes in the area , bass boat working the shre line picked up a dink right as i started , i was throwing a rattletrap chartruese in color nothing, switched to a doublewide beaver smothered in kickin bass started bringing her back real slow Bam 2.75 lb looked more like 3 very nice thick bass firast of 2009 had one more hit ,missed her thats all folks
Nice report almadenbassmaster. Calero is full of bass in the 2-4lb class. How was the water level, clarity, and temp? Has the water vegetation started growing back yet?
I was stuck at a birthday party on Saturday, and I kept telling myself that with the big weather front on the way it was going to be a good day on the water. Nice post my brother, I appreciate you taking the time out to do that.

On a side note, is anyone fishing this weekend? I'd like to get on the water if possible, but since I don't have a band on the boat right now it may prove difficult to get one with all the rain that's coming.

I was out on Calero from 9 to 3 on Saturday and did pretty well! 8 keepers ranging from 2 to 6 lbs. Included a 4.5, 5 and 6. All fish taken on 6" green pumpkin plastic worms in 10 to 30' of water.

The water temp was up to 54 in places and the bigger fish were hungry! Felt like pre-spawn conditions and bite.

Unfortunately, I didn't bring the camera. I was taking my toon out for the second time, and first time with a trolling motor, so I was more concerned about all that crap and forgot the camera. Probably why I did so well today.

Nice report Greg. Even better was your results, 3 very nice fish.
Nice report can't wait to see some water myself ......... soon I hope....
Yeah, it was a good day! The first time I took the toon out, a month ago, I got skunk stink on it so it was nice to thorougly wash the smell off this time around.

It was also nice to get on a good largie bite. I've been to Naci and New Melones a couple of times over the past two months and while I was getting bit pretty good, they were all spots and you only got one keeper for every three fish.
Hey almadenbassmaster...I was their Friday and Sat.... I didn't see you or I would have stopped to say hello!! It was a great day on Sat....My son came away with 2 4lbers!
I had a few my self. Fishing the spill way inlet was very good to us :D ;)
Glad to see you had a good day as well!

Anyone fish Anderson lately?? Im looking for a report if anyone has???
Hey Bass_Fisherman,

Was that you I saw fishing from shore on the point right next to the inflow? Or the boat that showed up right at the inlet where the water was churning?

I was in the blue toon accross from the inlet working the opposite bank. I picked up the 4.5 and the 6 right there, along with another smaller one. That was definitely a good spot for me too.

yes that was me, my son and my other friend!! I have the Jon Boat. I saw you, next time I will stop to chat for a bit!!
Congrats on the success!!!............................At calero is there another place to park and walk the shores other than the large parking lot at the boat ramp?