Great day today. I fished from 10-4:30
had a 9lb, 6lb, 5lb, 3lb and 2lb

Also got to try out my I-pilot. What a dream it is
spot lock is priceless and so is the cruse control
with the new autopilot
Sounds like You made the right choice today. I was planning to go Calero but went to Anderson instead. How's the water at Calero now? Did you get all the fish in shallow or deep?
Baits and depth?
My buddy went out on Sunday and did not have as good as a day. Looks like you got on some of those pre-spawn mama's who are getting as fat as they can before their big spawn. These are the girls I like playing with the most....I need to get out soon.
Nice job I guess I missed it by a day. I went out Sunday when i was in town and got one just over 2lbs. Had to come back to Fresno to work on Monday. Nice job.
Yes.. I was just like a pre-spawn in early spring.
I got their and figured fish deep and slow. Mapped a
bunch out at 20-30 feet but no takers. Jigs and Shaky
Talking to others they all had 1 if that. Most were
doing the same deep.
so after about 2 hours I changed it up and started
fishing drop shot and throwing it at the bank. I never did map
any out at 10FT but thats were they were. Holding very tight against the
steep drop offs. They all hit fast and hard.. with in 10 seconds of the bait in
the water. I never had just a nibble.. they all just took it and it was fish on.
2 of them had some big bellies! Wish I had taken my camera LOL (8-|
that was the only thing missing from a perfect day out on the lake!!
Im going Snowboarding this weekend but may hit it up again on Monday??

Water: stained but getting a bit clearer
Temp: 53-55
like glass in the 12 a nice little ripple across the lake and that is
also when I started catching them
I thought Calero was closed on Mon & Tues until April. It must have been open because of the holiday. I was out Saturday morning and couldn't buy a bite deep or shallow but the water level is looking good. Congratulations!!
yes I called and asked if they were open on Sunday... didnt think to ask
if it was for the holiday or not

And thanks bassnflip
Thanks Bass_Fisherman... I will hit it tomorrow and see if I can pick up some hogs..

Set'Em Good
That was a great report. Way to change up your tactics and get a good bag of bass. I did something similar a couple weeks back. Those big bass are willing to move shallow in search of food and warmth.
I need to get out to Calero, hope the weather holds.
Tight lines ,
1 Old man
Alrighty, just got off the water 2pm.. Went shallow in the morning and nothing.. Went out to my deep water were I knew I could get a good limit. First spot 28'-30' got 1 dropshot and 3 spoon fish, went to my next spot and picked up another spoon fish. Had my limit and went to mess around shallow now that it had warmed up, water temp 57-58.. Caught 2 chunks on reaction baits in 5' of water finally.Total fish 7, nothing under 2.5lbs. The three fish I weighed were 5.7,5.4 and 4.8...

Set'Em Good
Congrats SeG!! You're a killa with that spoon lol
Nice work SetEm.. did you use the curly tail??
set em good ,
your are a killer with them spoons. I never have confidence in that technique. Tried maybe ten times at both Calero and Anderson and only a couple of small fish. Nothing big and not consistent. I look for the schools on the graph , then spoon just above them with various movement--- still just seems like I and wasting time.
Going to head out to Calero tommorow if I have time in the afternoon.
From your report , it sounds like the temp went up a couple of degree's.
Should be good .
tight lines ,
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