Went out to Calero with a buddy just to see what's good out there. Fish from 8 to 1:30 with total of 8 fish. Lost one good 5lb+, wrapped my trolling motor and broke off. Pissed because it took my 20 dollar bait. Most fish came from reaction bite with 2 on drop shot. Not much people fishing today which makes fun in Calero.
Ouch, Hate that! At least the boat isn't gettin the skunk. Were the fish you caught fat or skinny. Last week I was there with BRADRC51, all the fish were skinny, profile of a planter trout!
Boat #3 today, Thursday, fished from 9-1. Started on the south end and hooked up on a spinner bait and a couple on lizards. Nothing on cranks but managed a couple more on brass & glass Creatures. Wind started to pick up around 12:30. All small males to 2.5 lbs. Waiting for the big girls to come up. 8-)