sup sjb fished from 9 to 4 walked around the whole lake today.
tried fishing deep points from shore notthing got to the two back coves and found them in the weeds.
t-rig senkos pulling out the weeds got the majority of fish today.
but my biggest was on lipless 2.14.
nice!! man you walked far!
thanks!!yea we covered alot ground today!!!
Nice post. Lots of persistent walking around like you do. Now I see your picture...remember saying hello to you one day I was fishing calero with my brother on my bass cat, end of august. You were cranking the point across from the launch ramp. Next time I will offer to bring you aboard now I know who you are.
Was there yesterday from 11-2:30... Rough day, one fish for the three of us and he was a dinker :)

Next time we're ready for the hike !
Nice fish I've been dying to get out there !
thanks for the offer raggamuffin!!
tried the same spots on the 10th made the walk again
there where a couple of boats back there but the walk is worth it!!
Yo bighurt408, walking Calero on tuesday for the first time. From the launch ramp where is best to head?
flip a coin lol right now with this cold front idk!!! if u go left u have to walk around to the other side of launch ramp.if u go right dam side go to the last point before the big rock.fished there on monday the 14th went right. slow but when i found weeds that are deep 10ft-20ft got a fish.lipless crankbaits and t-rig senkos slow!!!!!!!! hard bite right now from shore but u can find them!!fished chesbro on the 17th and 19th slow there too!!!!

good luck out there!!!!
Good looking out bighurt408! Gonna head out there on Tuesday morning with JT money and I'll post pics of anything good :)
I got one earlier this week on the second point past the first dam although it was much smaller.

This morning was not good for catching bass at Calero
I go their later in the day thats when the bite starts
Awesome thanks
hey macr88 ,
i was the guy that was talking with you at CBT.
good luck with those spinnerbaits!!! Run them as slow and deep as possible.
Calero can be good in both morning and afternoon .
watch the weather , that's usually the best indicator of either a morning bite or afternoon bite.
Personally , I prefer the afternoon.
Mornings can be really good if you have heavy cloud cover .
see ya on the water,
Rob, thanks again for all the advice. I definitely need to learn more about how weather affects them because at this point I'm pretty clueless as to what's good.


It appears as if your doing something right. I haven't even pulled up a dinker on my last 3 visits to calero =(
lewis2k, maybe it's due to your huge sig pic? :) :lol:
why you gotta hate?
Haters gotta hate :)