Calero's water level

So Calero has been on the rise and it's just gone over 75% full. Does this mean that the city/county will dump out 20-25% out like they did last year? It's nice to see Calero getting water but will it stay that way? (at least thru the spring)
Yup, I'm sure it will start dropping this week, next week for sure.
Why don't they let Calero fill to capacity? (8-|
bassnflip wrote:
Why don't they let Calero fill to capacity? (8-|

This link will explain why:

Basically theyre scared an earthquake might make the damn unstable and flood whatever city it's located in.

If anderson's dam, which is located near the calaveras fault line, were to collapse it would flood morgan hill and the water would reach san jose.
Yeah, it really sucks.. Last year the water level was up, fish just started getting really active in shallow looking for somewhere to make beds and they dropped the water level down 10-15ft in one week. I wounder what kind of impact this creates on the breeding cycle, probably will reduce the amount of fish we see in coming years.

Oh yesterday there were 22 boats by 1pm, talk about pressure for that tiny lake!!! I guess I am used to the weekdays.

I wounder how many lures a Calero bass see's in a life time?????

Set'Em Good
yep just as Set'em Good said.. we were disusing this on the water on Sunday when I meet him out their. I really screwed up the fish and the bit never got great last year and I believe it really hurts the breeding cycle along with all the pressure this lake get being one of the only 2 open now for most of the year
From reading a journal I have for 2009(it's the only way I can remember the details of each day on the water).They started letting out water in the middle of April and they
let out about 10ft over 10 days . The bite just totally died. I went from 10-12 fish days with good size bass before they let the water out to 2-3 fish days once they started dropping it and not a big one at all. The bite stayed tough for about a month then slowly picked back-up. Those fish move deep and offshore and start to suspend when the water goes down. Since the bass don't all spawn at exactly the same time , I am sure some of the fry survived . But letting water out during the spawn , has to have an effect on how good the spawn can be . Those water Nazi's should consider letting that water out in late May when there would be no effect on the bass spawn!!!!
Additionally - as a group , we should be able to have a voice that is heard ----politically---- and apply pressure to maintain our fisheries. Catch and release , water levels ,habitat etc.... IMO
1Old man
Yes I hear ya 1Old man. Wouldn't that be nice
But you know what ...SCC Could give a rats ass about us fishing in their lakes.
The fish that are in their and any activity that goes on on their lakes.
As far as they are concerned they would just rather shut them down completely and
have no one on their lakes. Its a revenue drainer and they only do it to be nice.. so they say. Its not like a State owned lake that we all pay taxes for and do have a say in them
only the people that pay Taxes in the SCC area do and that is not enough to have them change a thing when it comes to water management. They are going to do whats best for the water supply for the county first and then maybe think about the people who use their lakes. Very depressing to think about really. LOL And sucks for all us locales that use the lakes and wish we could make them better
I hear ya . That's why I called them the water "Nazi's".
As an organization with some level of members , we should be able to voice our issues.
Everybody in those organizations has a "boss" , somebody we can apply pressure to and get answers from. One of the advantages of having an organization , such as SAN JOSE BASS , is that we can have numbers and that can make it difficult on people if your willing to be persistent.
We have to protect the lakes we fish and sport we love . I can't imagine the thought of not being able fish at lakes like Calero , Anderson and Coyote.
I am not sure how many members are in SJB , but we should always be willing to fight for what we want.
Tight lines ,
1Old Man
The water is starting to slowly go down. Is this it?
yep same thing as last year if they let out 10f or a little more.... good news is that it is a little earlier than last yeas so lets hope the fish have not picked their beds out just yet
Thats the best we can hope for. If it rains again and fills up more then it will extend in to the pre-spawn and mess the fish up a bit
Has anybody fished Calero within the last week??? If so , how much water are they letting out ?? Is the water still muddy?? Temp??
Want to hit up this lake , but not if they are letting tons of water out !
Kills the fishing no matter what time of year they do this.
1Old Man
1Old man wrote:
Has anybody fished Calero within the last week??? If so , how much water are they letting out ?? Is the water still muddy?? Temp??
Want to hit up this lake , but not if they are letting tons of water out !
Kills the fishing no matter what time of year they do this.
1Old Man

Well, the water level was rising slightly and reached 76% yesterday, but it looks like they are letting out water as it's now down to 74.9%. Clarity 1-1.5 ft. Water temp 56-58.

Check here for up to date Calero level and previous levels... ... 0-21:04:00

...and water levels for all the lakes...
Great info Stealth, I did not know there was a website for water levels....

Set'Em Good
Here would be a good spot for us all to get involved with!!