camden perc ponds4/13

well had to get out yesterday so i went to the perc ponds and decided to see if i could catch anything so i started throwing a 6 in. red & black yamamoto wacky set up and i had one follow me in in the second pond and was watching it prob only a pound or so so i switched over to a 4 in black with blue flake and still nothing so i move to the corner of the pond and throw along the weed line and there it goes swimming off so i set the hook and its on. jumped twice on me and he was barely hooked in the corner of the mouth i was lucky to land this one.

does this fish look under weight or is it just me ?
very nice fish (under ) yeah kinda looks like it, nice weed lines in the backdrop sweeet
There is nothing wrong with alot of head. HA!

I drove past those lakes on saturday and there were tons of people. I didnt realize how many were out fishing those ponds. Glad to see someone is catching. thanks for the post.
great fish! [green]
are the camden percs the same as campbell percs? or am i wrong
yes there the same thing i missed three in the second pond and have yet to get a bite in the 1st or 3rd pond but there were fish following up to the shore in the middle. so if you go let me know maybe we can meet up there or something im looking for people to fish with im new to the area i just moved up here
good fish!
sounds like getting one to bite in those percs is tuff
welcome to the area lol
cyoung hook me up with ur fone number via pm well go there this weekend or week