Can Someone Identify these for me?

I was skimming through my fish photos and came across two that confused me based on coloration and/or mouth and head shape. When answering, please be credible on this. (Sorry I don't mean to sound like a jerk). But I have a really hard time telling the difference between spots and largemouth.
i believe that the bottom picture is a spot because the jaw doesnt extend past the eye.
im not too sure about the top one
thats what i was thinking but the coloration isnt there and i didnt know we had spots where i caught her
According to my freshwater fish field guide largemouth basses have their mouth extending a bit pass the eye. Also The front part of the dorsal fin has rays being tallest in the center, while spotteds tend to have rays of similar height. Also Largemouth bass tend to have a gap between the front and back portion of the dorsal fin. Whereas the smallies will have a visible connection between the parts of the dorsal. BUT for some reason your bass didnt show his full dorsal lol

Not a good enough picture, but for the bottom picture im gonna estimate and say that the mouth when closed extends a bit pass the eye. So im going with Large Mouth Bass.

Not sure about the top picture.
i was also thinking it may just be a stunted football largemouth.
Bottom one is a Largemouth for sure because the fishes jaw looks like it goes past the eye and also the mouth looks a lot bigger than what a spot of that size would be. I can't really tell on the top one because you can't see the fish from the side. The most obvious differences are all spots have tongue patches even though I catch some Largemouth with patches.I'm gonna say that the top might be a spot becuase I have heard of spots caught there but its usually in 20-30 fow fishing the rocky points. The fish looks like it might be a spot. The bottom is defenitely a largemouth.
First one is a spot and the second pic is a largemouth.