Capitola 11-03

Went out with a few buddies.
Great weather and conditions. Ended the day with limits of cod for 3 (30) and 1 lingcod for my buddy.
It's nice when you can be was that kind of day! :)
You guys should get out on the rentals. There are some good fish to be had!
This pic is from capitiola boat and bait website...This is our catch.
I'll post a few more pics of mine once I get home.
Tight lines,

Nice job...way to get em GS!

You and your buds been doing really well this year at Capitola. I'm guessing it wasn't that busy there with the crab opener going on elsewhere or about the same?
Thanks BangBang!
Yeah. I've been able to mark productive spots I've found and they always seem to produce for us. If one spot is not producing there are others I've marked that usually are.
Capitola has been great for us this year. One of the best years I've had in capitola. We were hooking up cod left and was crazy!
Getting doubles before you even hit the bottom! Great time! Especially on light gear!
It was pretty dead. There were a few boats out but pretty dead other then that. 1 or 2 pb's and a few of the rentals.
This is the 5th consecutive time we've been checked out by the DFG.
All clear as usual though! 8-)
Ed told us a lot of the rentals came in early and gave up cause they were only hooking up king fish?
Once I get the balls to hit the big blue on the kayak we should hit up capitola...
Yea, Capitola can be tough spot if you can't find the reefs and end up hooking kingfish and other baitfish the whole day. I've fished Capitola only a handful of times and never with a FF or GPS so each time we had to semi blindly find the spots again which wastes quite a bit of time. Good thing you marked all your spots and made it a productive day.

Bummer about the DFG, but they're just doing their job. I've only encountered them once at capitola before and they were really chill.

You should get some practice in the big blue around calmer areas and get ready for next season!