Car Accident @ Almaden Pond

Sad. ... nd-/nTn8t/

My girlfriend and I were on southbound HWY 87 just after it happened. As the cop was putting flares to block traffic from exiting Almaden I noticed that people were on the bank and the fence looked as though someone had driven through it.

How very sad start to the new year
Went to Almaden lake for the first time to fish when I heard all the fire and police flying over there. It was still a mess when I headed out on 85 N at 4pm.
My buddies condo overlooks it, he sent me a pic of them pulling the car out. Said they had to do a body recovery.
So not trying to diminish the accident but I drive that pond every morning to work and wonder if there's fish in it. Anyone tried fishing it before? I've never seen anyone out there.
Haven't seen anybody fish there myself. (maybe because its fenced off) but I doubt that there is fish in there. But still a bummer about the accident.